Flat Lay is one of the hottest way to take pictures on Instagram right now.
It seems that the bar is low — you don’t need professional training, just a mobile phone and fun items can get you ready for a good Flat Lay photo. However, it’s not easy to really get it right, and just taking a picture of yourself can tell the difference between you and the Kol.

Taking a good Flat Lay photo is just like making a great food, you need to carefully plan, carefully select ingredients and finally cook a good dish. I will teach you how to take Flat Lay photos like a pro.

1.The Importance of Simple Background

Choosing a clean, simple background is the first step in making high quality Flat Lay. The background is to set the subject against the main character, so try to choose a clean, elegant and quality material for the background, for example, wood textures (wood flooring, wood countertops) , marble, or some white, light grey paper, high-quality linen, this is the easiest way to make your picture feel ten times better all at once! Of course, you can also try out some special backgrounds that might have unexpected effects.

2.Natural light is the best light

Did you notice that most Flat Lay uses natural light? The best thing about natural light is that it’s natural and soft and real, and it doesn’t have a shadow of you or the equipment in it. Choose the morning or afternoon, and take a picture when the light is good. If you’re not a professional photographer like me, it’s not easy to take a good photo with artificial light .

3. Composition is the SOUL!

In addition to the neat display, if you learn composition and clever white space, the picture can be more comfortable, and the subject matter and the story behind it will be more prominent. Learn the following ways of composition, to make the picture more tension and aesthetic.

A.Triangular composition:

On the screen, choose the three objects with the primary order and place them in trigonometry. The triangle is a very stable structure that doesn’t get boring.

B. Central Composition:

Like Wes Anderson’s film composition, the main subjects are placed in the middle, striving to be symmetrical.

C.Diagonal composition:

By taking a diagonal line, the image allows the subject to be distributed diagonally, creating a sense of stability.

D.1/3 Composition Rule:

Placing the horizontal line 1 / 3 of the image gives the impression of harmony and beauty.

4.You Need a Theme!

Keep in mind that a photograph is more than just a photograph. It is a story, or a wonderful moment, so everything from the choice of items to the way they are placed should serve the story or the moment. If the subject is not prominent, then no matter how many items are used, it will seem redundant. As for the subject, travel, fashion, beauty, food, your day, the items in the bag…… Can you do one months a day without repeating the theme? Challenge yourself!

5.Tips for Coloring

As has been said before, you need not only to set a theme, but also to think about the overall color scheme. You need to make sure that the subject stands out and the small objects used to match it have the same type of colors. Of course, on top of that, you can also add a small amount of contrasting colors like black and white, or metallic objects to brighten up the image.

6.Try Some New Ideas

Every day with the same shooting method, inevitably feel a bit bored. Rather than try a few different placements, follow your instincts and move things around, add or reduce some items, try again, and always find the composition that you feel satisfied with.  Try changing angles, use more white space and later add a sentence ,  put items in different containers and suitcases…… Be more creative!

7. You Need a Treasure Box

If you often shoot Flat Lay, then it is usually best to consciously collect some props, if you like to shoot food, then a good plate dish cup is essential . Things like small jewelry, magazines, English newspapers, books, stationery, dried flowers are the king of the mirror, and they can be used at anytime,

8. Stand tall

If you’re shooting objects on the ground, it’s not hard to take a full-scale photo at the height you’re standing on. But if the object is on the table, you need to stand on a stool or ladder to get a horizontal Flat Lay. In short, the higher you stand, the easier it is to shoot, and the more space you have to edit.

9. Use the Square Frame

If you’re shooting with an iPhone, it’s a good idea to shoot directly from a square frame in your camera or app to make sure items are in the frame. While Instagram can crop long images, shooting directly from a square frame is more intuitive, closer to what you want to see, and easier to create a smooth, coordinated composition.

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